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Eating the light

I went outside just before sunrise this morning to see the poppies that have been filling the mountainside outside my front door for the last two weeks and they were just preparing themselves for the arrival of the sun, in mass planticipation, opening their leaves halfway, readying for immediate bloom upon photon contact, as if

Woken up by a couple of birds

I accepted the day when I opened the blind And yawned sleepily down towards the ocean Making two pied passers-by wagging tails Hop from the rocks to the fence then to the line Unexpecting I of them, I startled my nervy friends Doing nothing else for them that I know of While their beauty sharpened

What’s going on with sex?

Sex creates joy, hence it’s appeal. Beyond sex, joy is rare. Joy is an experience of the heart which expands beyond the normal senses, into the magnetic body where attraction happens and the governing force is magnetism. In the heart, women are positively charged. This enables them to find joy easily as mothers as well

Are you your mind?

Most people think they are their mind The very thing that causes you to think, thinks it is you! And you acquiesce willingly Like eating chocolate when you’re hungry Because it’s almost irresistible And the taste has always been sensational But you suffer the consequences of eating while you walk When you run into every

Heart has the flavour of life-engorged

We come from the dark grey stillness. We are given three rooms to play in. Our first room is lit up by red light. Let’s call it the body room. This is where we have sex, exercise and strike yoga asanas. This is where we play sports and fight, spa and roll around. We laugh