Heart has the flavour of life-engorged


We come from the dark grey stillness. We are given three rooms to play in. Our first room is lit up by red light. Let’s call it the body room. This is where we have sex, exercise and strike yoga asanas. This is where we play sports and fight, spa and roll around. We laugh a lot in this room and we have a lot of fun. It is the first room and it has the quality of playfulness and activity. This is our first house. We should feel completely at ease in this room. We were born into it. It is our own.

The red room is full of male energy. Yang is dominant. Lots of boisterousness and activity. Sports are born here but with no competition. Just sport for sports sake.

Nature features strongly because we are always on the ground in this room. Picking flowers, weaving grass, digging holes, playing with ants. We sit like lumps upon our own floor. Mothers floor, our floor. This is where we can relax. Our roots with our own existence are forged here. Water runs over our feet. Our connection with Nature is bonded here. We spread energetically from our perineum down through our legs into the space below widening eternally. Our roots bind our planet together with an ethereal version of a trees roots. Electrically and magnetically we are assisting the Great All to bond together and both perpetuate and qualitize the energetic bodies that surround every living thing. The stronger our connection is, through our bodies to the Nature that is constantly under our feet, the more we encourage the force fields, the electro-magnetic wave field that surround us on all sides to act upon our behalf. We are dealing with the very fundaments of the Laws of Attraction here.

The conjoining room is orange. The light merges from the fiery molten depths of red to the faster moving bursts of flame orange. The second room brings the first feelings of uncertainty for men and the first feeling of real certainty for women. It is fiery and unstable, and can be frightening. It’s also powerful and gutsy. It dominates the physical body. This is where we make it feel… The emotional room, and we are on fire!

The orange room is ruled by the feminine principle. Electricity bursts forth spontaneously, anywhere, with any flavour or heat. This is the cauldron of all desires, the soup of invention. Our preparatory stock with which we will flavour the dish, our lives.

In the orange room we really go quantum. All the possibilities revolve slowly in potential, with a kind of dull beauty, waiting to be called upon if we train ourselves and rising spasmodically in the form of emotions naturally. This is the room where the experiencing is really felt. Guys should not be frightened by the orange room – this is where the girls are!

As our consciousness moves upwards from the earth and water, we call upon the elements of fire in the orange room. The first re-experiencing of our connection with streams of higher consciousness. The flame is seen as the bridge between the physical and spiritual realm for good reason. The flame always goes higher. It is supernatural.

The third room we are immediately given access to is yellow. Perfectly lit up for our eyes to see more. This is an exciting room. This is where we find the last ingredients to enable us to actualize something into the world. The yellow room is called the mind room, again a male energy dominated room. Some women can fear to tread here, preferring to stay in the fire and water. Here we start to lose sight of the flame and move into the air element. The first completely invisible force field that we possess.

When we mooch around in the yellow room, unconsciously blathering our way to idiocrity, we are influenced more than ever. Here, we begin to communicate more verbally. Other people’s opinions matter, our position matters, our own influence over others matters and although unconscious behaviour is normal, it causes havoc because we are clever. This is where cunning and deception is born. For the first time we have the idea that we can tell somebody something that isn’t true. Ideas born in this room, utilise the resources of the red and orange rooms to actualize them. What fun! Much self-benefitting mischievousness to be had. The yellow room dominates the other two in the same way that the hand dominates the gun, which dominates the bullet, which does the damage.

Mind over matter is nothing new – I just made myself a cup of tea!

Women that have a hold on their emotions sufficiently well to spend time in the yellow room benefit society and the world incredibly. If they take the path of the average male and run through the orange room as fast as they can, they turn into a really ugly, juiceless politician-type.

Male domination of the yellow room is the cause of most of the problems in the human world. The average logical male is frightened half to death by the hot irrationality of the fire in the orange room and spends no time there and knows little of the qualities found there, preferring instead to ignore it’s existence, running back through it only to play sport or do sex. But it is still part make-up of his system. So he actualizes his ideas with little or no thought to the emotional consequences of the decisions he makes or the projects he undertakes. Ouch! Repression required. Or cremation of care!!

These are the rooms we are given. The rooms we make our personalities in. The ego rooms – all essential to our existence.

There is a fourth room, the heart room. Green in colour and calming. This room is full of feminine energy. In fact, surrendering of the personality is a prerequisite for entry. Women have easier access than men. Surrendering the personality is easier for them. The average man who has his shit together enough, will get led into the heart room by a woman, for a brief experience, either as a lover or more commonly, a partner with a newly born child. He won’t believe he was capable of feeling what she feels very at home in.

Duality ends here so it isn’t really a room. There isn’t an inside and an outside. Only the assumption of a room or the convenience for descriptions sake.

The state of being in full contact and communication with your heart as a result of harmonizing your personality is the recommendation of Buddhism and Yoga in a shellnut. The Lamas and the awakened Yogis emanate this quality. The modern world has barely recognised it until recently and everyone is struggling with it like mad! It is madness.

Attempting this life with the quality of guidance, assistance and governance we have generally accepted is like a blind man trying to cross a busy road led by a dopey Lab, a drunk St. Bernard and a rabid Doberman! It is mayhem. And it is mayhem!

If at least the blind were allowed to lead the blind there would be oodles of care. We live in a situation where the more complete ego or personality leads the less developed ego into whatever they fancy really. Heart doesn’t come into it. Emotions, barely… that only depends on what the wife manages to find out about!

But bringing heart into our lives is the answer we are all looking for and it can be tough. The body opiates are nice, the emotional wallowing is comforting and the mind is particularly addictive, and they all need surrendering to allow heart space to come into our consciousness. So what’s the incentive to try?

Joy, because we’ve all felt it a few times but you might have to tune in to remember, along with the rumour of other experiences like bliss and celebration, compassion and grace.

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