I went outside just before sunrise this morning to see the poppies that have been filling the mountainside outside my front door for the last two weeks and they were just preparing themselves for the arrival of the sun, in mass planticipation, opening their leaves halfway, readying for immediate bloom upon photon contact, as if not to miss any of the precious sunlight.

I had a realisation in that moment of the global connection between a vegan diet and spirituality. Plants are “light food” and spirituality is all about “lightness of spirit” and recognising your own light, culminating in the experience of enlightenment.

Plants are nice fellows generally, leaving you alone, dining at home on nutrients from the soil and sunshine from the sky. They have their aggressive qualities, which you will know about if you’ve ever been pricked by a thorn or stung by a nettle, but these qualities tend to be used in defence only. Not many plants go after animals, although there are a few exceptions. We have little or no fear of the plant kingdom, even disregarding it generally, treading on grass, plants and flowers, squashing them and killing them with little thought or remorse.

This is essential too, as we are forced to walk all over them when we are in the countryside, unless there is something already man-made, like a road or a city, where the flora has already been destroyed by others. We can develop an empathy towards plants and maybe we should, but in balance, because this is dangerous. I heard of a spiritual master once who couldn’t bear to walk on the grass because of his love for it. I wondered what on earth he ate?

If like me, you live in the countryside and have weaved a path through a florally-dense meadow to avoid squishing the beautiful flowers – you know what I am talking about. But we have to walk on something and we have to eat something too. For us to live, something has to die. Period. Have any of you heard the inaudible sound of a vegetable screaming as you cut it up for the pot? If you have, I bet you have never mentioned the “cruelty” of a meat-based diet since. If plant pain was as apparent to us as animal pain we would all be in trouble, especially the healthy vegans, as we like to eat our prey while it’s still alive, or raw, as we like to call it!

Animals are a different kettle of fish. While there are many vegetarian animals, usually gentler in nature than their carniverous counterparts, many of the hunters hunt in the darkness of night, unaffected by the lack of light, using darkness to their advantage, favouring animals that tend to eat vegetation in the light of day.

We are so much more wary of animals than plants and in countries where we are potential prey, in most cases we carry a gun, so scared are we of meeting the violence of an animal of another species. Carnivorous animals are particularly violent because they hold little light. They consume second-hand light only in the form of plant protein that their victims have ingested previously. It is a dim and tainted light and its subquality promotes an unusual hunger, a ravenous need for more.

In humans, a plant-based diet lights up the inner pathway. It makes us more subtle, leading us more towards heart and away from the grossness or denseness at the other end of our spectrum, where survival and violence dwell. If you are tired of feeling heavy and burdened by the demands of survival and you crave a “lightness of spirit”, you need to realise more. As to see in the dark, we require light input. To change our perception, we require light nutrition, the highest quality of which is provided by eating plants.

I accepted the day when I opened the blind

And yawned sleepily down towards the ocean

Making two pied passers-by wagging tails

Hop from the rocks to the fence then to the line

Unexpecting I of them, I startled my nervy friends

Doing nothing else for them that I know of

While their beauty sharpened my consciousness

Lifted my spirit and brought my sleep to an end

Sex creates joy, hence it’s appeal. Beyond sex, joy is rare. Joy is an experience of the heart which expands beyond the normal senses, into the magnetic body where attraction happens and the governing force is magnetism. In the heart, women are positively charged. This enables them to find joy easily as mothers as well as in the sex act. Men are magnetically negative poles in the heart which is why men can appear like “heartless bastards” to women sometimes and also why, although the kids are great, men tend to need the real bump of sex to experience joy or something monumental like the birth of a child.

This is one of the reasons sex plays a slightly more nagging role in the male than the female and parenthood more in the female. The often overwhelming desire to become a mother has a lot to do with a deep hankering for joy.

When we experience the pleasure of joy, it is such an extreme feeling compared to happiness. It engulfs us and we can easily make the mistake of attributing the feeling to the other, even though it is clearly us that are feeling it.

This is how we “fall” in love, and it is a fall. Love in this sense is unconscious. You must be prepared to fall from consciousness to unconsciousness. From the harsh reality of the cold light of day to the soft delusion of the warm fuzziness of nighttime! Falling in love is the perfect distraction, it is an opportunity to be both unconscious and joyous, simultaneously!

Every time she sneezes I believe it’s love” Counting Crows

When we “fall in love” we quickly produce a veil of delusion that we mentally drape over the other and it obscures our view of them. For a while, we can say and do the craziest of things that we would never have considered in the normal light of day as we almost involuntarily suspend our rationale.

And the unconsciousness feels fabulous! Nothing wrong with it, it’s totally natural.

Prevented from seeing the real truth though, we project our ideas of the other, onto them. We take what they say to be gospel truth and add that into the equation. We assume the other is experiencing roughly the same as us and we forge an idea of who we think the they are.

This time has become known as the “honeymoon period”, before the truth is out. The untruths that are assumed and even encouraged during this phase can go on to form part of the foundation of a longer term relationship, stored and labelled as, “expectations”.

This is the reason no one encourages rushing into marriage! And the reason so many relationships finish in disappointment. How many times have you heard someone say, “He is not the man I thought he was” or vice versa. In truth, when you look into the eyes of your partner, you fundamentally have no idea who or what you are looking at.

But we have to throw ourselves into the game. We have to learn. If you can not fall in love with another, how can you rise in love with yourself, let alone others? And this is what you must do eventually, rise in love – to the heart. Energy upward rather than down to the sex. This is tantric. A higher life. Supernatural rather than natural.

Observation and understanding of yourself provides the keys to the door, surrender opens the lock and the first room you must be at ease in, is the earth room, the body room, where the boom boom happens.

In the first body, the physical body, the male positive charge culminates in the tip of the penis to deliver the spark of life. The extremity of this experience can be so overwhelming that it can take men so far away from their rational brain that they will say and do almost anything to convince a woman to have sex with him.

This pin-pointed intensity is why men have the reputation of “thinking with their dicks” and if his lyrics are conducive to making her feel comfortable with him, she will give her consent. I’ll tell you a secret guys, women want sex just as much as you – even more sometimes.

You will get the opportunity just as long as you don’t say or do too many things that make her feel uncomfortable! Tips from a former sex addict and Lothario. Ask questions about them, listen to them and respond, make them laugh and then massage!

In truth, at this stage, the less you admit to or deny, share with or lie, the better. Keep it about her, show her you, then let her make her decision, rather than tell her about yourself, what you’ve done and what you’re going to do – unless she asks. When she asks, certainly respond but be carefully selective with your answers and deflect soon, with another question… about her.

The woman, as she receives the man into her, enjoys (or suffers) a much more whole-body response. In loving sex, she becomes an energetic continuation of the penis tip, throwing femininely magnetized energy back to him, sharing her joy. Her giving on this body level is her receptivity. The receiving of the man and his energy. This reveals a paradox of the feminine. She gives by receiving, just as men receive by giving.

This is also her danger. When a woman is conscious she is in a state of receptivity but when she is unconscious, she takes – in an attempt to fill up. This still drains the man although the void by nature can not be filled. We learn to accept the inner void that we can all experience, by facing it.

She is also a danger to herself in the first body as unconsciously chosen partners delivering bad sex can be super-invasive. It can hurt like nothing else.

In contrast, men in the first body, the physical, give. Sometimes what they have to give is a load of crap, but they do give it. When men have nothing to give, no quality attention to spare, they simply go fishing, play with a ball or their own balls, or watch the match. They are not so much of a danger in this respect. This is why men have the reputation of being simpler than women.

Boys, realise that you are giving. Think of the sex act as giving. We tend to try and get what we can from sex but in fact, you are giving. What you are giving, depends on who you are and where you are at. Focus on that. What are you giving and what is the quality of your giving? What is behind it. Who are you? Does she enjoy what you are doing to her, with her and on her, or is she just trying to make you happy? Is what you think she wants and enjoys actually what she wants and enjoys? What’s going on for you during sex? Can you recognize and appreciate the finer qualities of the feminine beyond the tits and ass?

Many of you reading this will go and have sex with your partner tonight and you may notice that even during the actual sex act, you maybe thinking of another woman, a fantasy or another sexual scenario rather than actually being with the woman that you are with.

Firstly, you must be there, both of you. Ladies, help him get out of his dominant mind and into his dick. If you want it, allow it. Encourage him, you have the reigns. When he’s inside you, no drifting off into gagagoogooland. Close your eyes and experience him inwardly, inside with pleasure, but no drifting off.

Guys you are dominant in the first body, you are giving her your sex and watching her to see if she likes what you are giving. Stop watching so much, get out of your fantasy and put your attention on your dick, internally.

Slow down, slow down and then slow down some more. Even stop a lot. Then begin again. There is a time for the white hot flames of pumping passion but you need to stay with the embers of your fire for much longer, for her sake. Remember she is receptive in the first body and she usually requires lighting up through the senses even before she can receive you, and her fire usually needs to be very well attended to, before it can rage.

Ladies, stop acting the way you think men want you to be and be yourselves. You have an easy opportunity to be taken beyond your mind by good wood. Experience it, enjoy it, but don’t hold on too tightly afterwards. Don’t get dick-dazed. Don’t get drunk and trap the penis. Avoid locking him in, this is not the route to satisfaction in life. His penis may have helped you get beyond your emotions and mind for a minute, but you need to learn how to get there by yourself, for yourself, in order to experience real and lasting fulfillment. Like a Queen rather than a princess.

You are dominant again in the emotional body and this is how you control men. You have to take responsibility or you won’t get to hang with the good stuff. Wise men avoid emotionally irresponsible women like the plague!

A man can overpower a woman physically, but she can make him jump off a cliff!” Kashibashi

In the emotional body we feel both what we receive and the result of what we have accepted – and there is a difference. Guys, pussy is in control, it’s as simple as that. Never, ever think you can not get pussy-whipped. Deny this fact and you’ll be pushing a trolley with a dribbling kid around the supermarket before you can say WTF happened to my life?!

Women can play with your emotions like the Wizard of Oz. You gotta be strong. And strong means allowing yourself to feel your emotions and get used to them. The other strengths you need, you already have naturally, although they can always be improved. Most importantly, women will surely bring emotions up in you and you need to learn to handle them properly to avoid dying in the supermarket queue.

Recognise your emotions, even label them to encourage familiarity, so that you’re really in control of them. Rather than ignoring and repressing them and defaulting to a physical body or mental response to an emotional situation, you need to admit, acknowledge and learn how to handle your emotions and enter the domain with your own confidence.

Sorry ladies, but guys this does not mean I recommend discussing your emotions or entering hours of cathartic pillow-beating with your woman – at least not the one your having sex with. A therapist maybe or a mate, but not your girl. This is her domain and unless she is truly on a path to maturity or a Queen of hearts already, she will abuse you for her own needs. Men are negative poles in the emotional arena and their feelings are often best dealt with internally – for safety reasons.

Most people think they are their mind

The very thing that causes you to think, thinks it is you!

And you acquiesce willingly

Like eating chocolate when you’re hungry

Because it’s almost irresistible

And the taste has always been sensational

But you suffer the consequences of eating while you walk

When you run into every lamp post on your path

We come from the dark grey stillness. We are given three rooms to play in. Our first room is lit up by red light. Let’s call it the body room. This is where we have sex, exercise and strike yoga asanas. This is where we play sports and fight, spa and roll around. We laugh a lot in this room and we have a lot of fun. It is the first room and it has the quality of playfulness and activity. This is our first house. We should feel completely at ease in this room. We were born into it. It is our own.

The red room is full of male energy. Yang is dominant. Lots of boisterousness and activity. Sports are born here but with no competition. Just sport for sports sake.

Nature features strongly because we are always on the ground in this room. Picking flowers, weaving grass, digging holes, playing with ants. We sit like lumps upon our own floor. Mothers floor, our floor. This is where we can relax. Our roots with our own existence are forged here. Water runs over our feet. Our connection with Nature is bonded here. We spread energetically from our perineum down through our legs into the space below widening eternally. Our roots bind our planet together with an ethereal version of a trees roots. Electrically and magnetically we are assisting the Great All to bond together and both perpetuate and qualitize the energetic bodies that surround every living thing. The stronger our connection is, through our bodies to the Nature that is constantly under our feet, the more we encourage the force fields, the electro-magnetic wave field that surround us on all sides to act upon our behalf. We are dealing with the very fundaments of the Laws of Attraction here.

The conjoining room is orange. The light merges from the fiery molten depths of red to the faster moving bursts of flame orange. The second room brings the first feelings of uncertainty for men and the first feeling of real certainty for women. It is fiery and unstable, and can be frightening. It’s also powerful and gutsy. It dominates the physical body. This is where we make it feel… The emotional room, and we are on fire!

The orange room is ruled by the feminine principle. Electricity bursts forth spontaneously, anywhere, with any flavour or heat. This is the cauldron of all desires, the soup of invention. Our preparatory stock with which we will flavour the dish, our lives.

In the orange room we really go quantum. All the possibilities revolve slowly in potential, with a kind of dull beauty, waiting to be called upon if we train ourselves and rising spasmodically in the form of emotions naturally. This is the room where the experiencing is really felt. Guys should not be frightened by the orange room – this is where the girls are!

As our consciousness moves upwards from the earth and water, we call upon the elements of fire in the orange room. The first re-experiencing of our connection with streams of higher consciousness. The flame is seen as the bridge between the physical and spiritual realm for good reason. The flame always goes higher. It is supernatural.

The third room we are immediately given access to is yellow. Perfectly lit up for our eyes to see more. This is an exciting room. This is where we find the last ingredients to enable us to actualize something into the world. The yellow room is called the mind room, again a male energy dominated room. Some women can fear to tread here, preferring to stay in the fire and water. Here we start to lose sight of the flame and move into the air element. The first completely invisible force field that we possess.

When we mooch around in the yellow room, unconsciously blathering our way to idiocrity, we are influenced more than ever. Here, we begin to communicate more verbally. Other people’s opinions matter, our position matters, our own influence over others matters and although unconscious behaviour is normal, it causes havoc because we are clever. This is where cunning and deception is born. For the first time we have the idea that we can tell somebody something that isn’t true. Ideas born in this room, utilise the resources of the red and orange rooms to actualize them. What fun! Much self-benefitting mischievousness to be had. The yellow room dominates the other two in the same way that the hand dominates the gun, which dominates the bullet, which does the damage.

Mind over matter is nothing new – I just made myself a cup of tea!

Women that have a hold on their emotions sufficiently well to spend time in the yellow room benefit society and the world incredibly. If they take the path of the average male and run through the orange room as fast as they can, they turn into a really ugly, juiceless politician-type.

Male domination of the yellow room is the cause of most of the problems in the human world. The average logical male is frightened half to death by the hot irrationality of the fire in the orange room and spends no time there and knows little of the qualities found there, preferring instead to ignore it’s existence, running back through it only to play sport or do sex. But it is still part make-up of his system. So he actualizes his ideas with little or no thought to the emotional consequences of the decisions he makes or the projects he undertakes. Ouch! Repression required. Or cremation of care!!

These are the rooms we are given. The rooms we make our personalities in. The ego rooms – all essential to our existence.

There is a fourth room, the heart room. Green in colour and calming. This room is full of feminine energy. In fact, surrendering of the personality is a prerequisite for entry. Women have easier access than men. Surrendering the personality is easier for them. The average man who has his shit together enough, will get led into the heart room by a woman, for a brief experience, either as a lover or more commonly, a partner with a newly born child. He won’t believe he was capable of feeling what she feels very at home in.

Duality ends here so it isn’t really a room. There isn’t an inside and an outside. Only the assumption of a room or the convenience for descriptions sake.

The state of being in full contact and communication with your heart as a result of harmonizing your personality is the recommendation of Buddhism and Yoga in a shellnut. The Lamas and the awakened Yogis emanate this quality. The modern world has barely recognised it until recently and everyone is struggling with it like mad! It is madness.

Attempting this life with the quality of guidance, assistance and governance we have generally accepted is like a blind man trying to cross a busy road led by a dopey Lab, a drunk St. Bernard and a rabid Doberman! It is mayhem. And it is mayhem!

If at least the blind were allowed to lead the blind there would be oodles of care. We live in a situation where the more complete ego or personality leads the less developed ego into whatever they fancy really. Heart doesn’t come into it. Emotions, barely… that only depends on what the wife manages to find out about!

But bringing heart into our lives is the answer we are all looking for and it can be tough. The body opiates are nice, the emotional wallowing is comforting and the mind is particularly addictive, and they all need surrendering to allow heart space to come into our consciousness. So what’s the incentive to try?

Joy, because we’ve all felt it a few times but you might have to tune in to remember, along with the rumour of other experiences like bliss and celebration, compassion and grace.